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ElsBeth's First Blog Post!

Hi, I’m ElsBeth.

First, I have to let you know I’m a witch, but please don’t tell anyone. Grandmother says most people don’t understand about witches and that could be trouble.

There’s a lot I don’t know myself about the family mysteries, but one thing I’ve learned. The family has a legacy to protect the natural world. I care about that, and I do my best – though this has gotten my friends and me in a lot of trouble.

But I want to tell you about Halloween! Grandmother told me some of the story, and her author friend wrote this in the book ElsBeth and the Pirate’s Treasure (which is obviously a lot about me, but not just about me).

Grandmother said: "Halloween is the most special holiday for witches. It has been celebrated for at least two thousand years. And probably much longer.

“Halloween” means 'Holy Evening.' It has always occurred at the end of summer, and many believe it first took place in Ireland and Britain. It is a time when the barriers between the natural and the supernatural worlds are weak or broken. Spirits are close, and are able to pass across into our world.

"Halloween is the most powerfully magical time of the year.

It might sound odd but in the old days, instead of pumpkins, turnips and beets were carved and lit with candles. These lanterns were, and in some places still are, made to help the ghosts of loved ones who are lost to find their way back to their homes. Or to scare bad ghosts away with a spooky carving if they mean ill.

"Traditionally, large bonfires are also set to keep the evil spirits away.

"In these times, in most of America, it is just a reason for children to dress up and create mischief and get candy.

"But here on Cape Cod the holiday is still important to many people. Even non-witches here get extra-perceptive, and are apt to see ghosts and goblins, though few would ever admit it.

"To those who are receptive bits of the future often become clear.

Best of all, the few fairies who made it to America will sometimes let themselves be seen. "

The fairies are another story! And right now I’ve got to get back to my homework. But I’ll be back to chat again soon!

That’s it for now. Excited to be starting!!!

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