Season of Sharing

We wanted to share ElsBeth's world as envisioned by the wonderful Melanie Therrien. It is that season! Enjoy!!! And let us know your favs!

Magic from the Middle Ages!

Hi, ElsBeth here. Do you know about a holiday creation called Green Tomato Mincemeat? Sounds strange, I know, but it tastes amazing. This magically delicious dessert originated in the Middle Ages. Imagine feasts attended by kings and queens and you’ll have the idea. Even the word is interesting: The "mince" in mincemeat comes from a Latin word meaning "smallness". "Meat" was also a term for food in general. It used to always be made with meat and sometimes still is but can also be vegetarian! My chroniclers created some this fall and I thought I would share the process with you so you can plan to make some for next year. When you have a garden I find you need to think ahead. Sometimes for a

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