A Problem of Ghosts or a Ghost’s Problem

​​ElsBeth and the Call of the Castle Ghosties, her third adventure, begins with the ghosts. Present Time, Scottish Highlands, the Castle Durst was not upset about being dead. But he was upset, mightily so. His homeland was threatened. Not for the first time over the ages. But while past threats had come from fierce soldiers he had fought with fiery passion and honor, this danger came in the smooth words and slippery smile from the one known as “Gorgeous.” And though Durst was now a cold ghost, it chilled him. From a rough-hewn cavern beneath the dungeon, Durst’s vaporous form rose up and up, until he was high above the tower walls. Below him the castle’s grey stones gleamed softly in the wea

ElsBeth's First Blog Post!

Hi, I’m ElsBeth. First, I have to let you know I’m a witch, but please don’t tell anyone. Grandmother says most people don’t understand about witches and that could be trouble. There’s a lot I don’t know myself about the family mysteries, but one thing I’ve learned. The family has a legacy to protect the natural world. I care about that, and I do my best – though this has gotten my friends and me in a lot of trouble. But I want to tell you about Halloween! Grandmother told me some of the story, and her author friend wrote this in the book ElsBeth and the Pirate’s Treasure (which is obviously a lot about me, but not just about me). Grandmother said: "Halloween is the most special holiday for

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