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Books with a positive message!

Cape Cod’s youngest witch, with help from her magical friends and quirky human classmates, is learning

the magic and science of her personal calling to protect the natural world – while trying to find out more about

the mysteries of her heritage.

Cape Cod Witch Series


ElsBeth and the Pirate's Treasure (Book 1)

In their sleepy Cape Cod town, a never-quite-forgotten pirate's treasure awakens some serious trouble. ElsBeth and her friends, magical and not, must face off against dangerous outsiders - and the notorious pirate ghost Billy Bowlegs - to restore the balance of past and present, good and evil. 

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What Our Readers Are Saying:

"ElsBeth is excited that her second-grade class is going to Boston. And oh, what adventure awaits her! A kidnapping, a pirate (or privateer, as he chooses to be called), lots of ghosts, and a while ride on a "borrowed" sailboat ... ElsBeth is a sweet girl, who really wants to do the right thing. And her classmates provide additional charm ... Lots of action, intrigue ..." -Alice

"Evenly paced and written for a young reader, this story is nonetheless delivered with maturity and great respect for the subject, characters and plot ... Steeped in magic and history, this is a tale of courage and commitment to community and friends against adversity, even the magical kind."

- Andrea

"ElsBeth has great friends, they are always helping her on these adventures! I'm loving these books, and that ElsBeth is this kid witch and it just seems so normal ... You even learn cool things while reading! I'll leave giving this book 5 stars!"

- Serenity

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