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In their sleepy Cape Cod town, a never-quite-forgotten pirate's treasure awakens some serious trouble. ElsBeth and her friends, magical and not, must face off against dangerous outsiders - and the notorious pirate ghost Billy Bowlegs - to restore the balance of past and present, good and evil. Watch the trailer below:


On a field trip to Boston's historic Freedom Trail, ElsBeth and her classmates encounter a famous freedom fighter, the ghostly Captain Thomas Jacques, who spirits them across treacherous waters to Nantucket Island in the daring rescue attempt of a kidnapped, modern-day Arabian prince. Along the way they find out about fighting for freedom and caring for something bigger than themselves. Formerly titled ElsBeth and the Privateer

When their wild and free ancestral lands are threatened, three ancient ghosts need one of their clan from the living world. They call the Thistle heir from across the sea to the old country.


2014 Moonbeam Medal Award

for Preteen Fiction

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