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ElsBeth Rallies Embattled Classrooms †

We caught up with ElsBeth after her day of classes at Mid-Cape Middle School and talked about her campaign to “attack the attack on fun in school.”

“I just wanted to help,” ElsBeth said. “Our teachers work so hard. But they have so many things they have to do that have nothing to do with teaching. A lot of the fun of learning is lost – for them and us.

“All I did was figure out how they can use the stories of the exciting adventures my friends and I have had in order to meet what they call Common Core and STEM requirements, which seem to be a big deal.

“I learned STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education, and is particularly to help girls learn these – as if we needed more help than the boys!

“It was pretty simple, but kind of clever, too, if I say so myself. And classes really are more fun.

“Sorry, I’ve got to go help Grandmother make Thanksgiving treats for some of our animal friends. But you can find out more if you want at!educational-resources/cbqo ”

“Oh, you can tell people I have more to say about this, and our adventures, I’ll be putting online each week if they want to follow along.”

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