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In the old country,

with a flute carved from 

the sacred alder tree, 

three ancient ghosts of her clan

call ElsBeth from across the sea.

At home on Cape Cod,

on a perfect late summer’s day sail (well, almost),

ElsBeth and her mates set out for Martha’s Vineyard.

Until . . .

. . . an unnatural storm thunders in and blows them off course.

On their voyage to no-one-knows-where,

ElsBeth meets a wise old man on Greenland, 

who shows her the plight of the polar bears, and more …

and her sleep is haunted

by dreams

of a dark castle.

ElsBeth and her friends are truly “at sea,” while Sylvanas stirs up his own tricks and troubles …

until they reach land,

and the cat

boldly faces down the enemy

– only to discover

it’s the wrong enemy!

But a deeper danger and adventure is begun.

ElsBeth nearly drowns in the icy waters of a Scottish loch. She’s rescued by the strange inhabitants of the castle she saw in her dreams, and warmed by the fire “between the dogs” …

. . . while the castle ghosts and other Cape Codders flit about on their callings through the Highland night.

There’s time to enjoy a cozy Scottish breakfast from the old peat stove …

while just beyond the castle the ancient, eternally beautiful Banshee wails a warning.

In ElsBeth’s greatest challenge to all she holds dear, she must face the real enemy . . . 

inside his griffin-gated dark lair, Malfleur Manor.

It grows darker still 

for ElsBeth and her friends, before the spirit creatures are called to the fight.

But does the music from an enchanted harp sound a sad end to the wild and free family lands . . . 

. . . or a future of hope and heart?

And after all, and a sail to home, where might ElsBeth be needed next?


As much as we know,

who chronicle her adventures,

we will share with you.

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