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There is ElsBeth, of course . . .

and Cape Cod, where it all begins . . . 

at school . . . 

with her impossible teacher. . . 

Ms. Finch.

Math lessons with

her familiar

– the genius bat

Professor Badinoff – help.

But at home,


is acting oddly . . .

even for a witch.

Sylvanas and Bartholomew offer advice . . .

and the chipmunks want to help.

The troublesome fairies from the Old Country get blamed for the trouble . . . 

But is it really all their fault?

Maybe some answers will be found on the class field trip . . .

to Boston's historic Freedom Trail.

But what they actually find are ghosts!

Including the famous ghostly privateer

Captain Thomas Jacques.

On a tour of the Old North Church, a student - 

a modern day Arabian prince - is kidnapped.

The Cape Codders

rush to the rescue . . .

and privateer Jacques “borrows” a yacht and captains the crew on a dangerous sea chase.

The Captain’s pesky parrot ghost,

Sir Percival,

taunts the Cape crew

the whole way.

But they’re speeded by North Wind . . .

and they finally catch up with the kidnappers at Nantucket Island -

where trouble doubles and they come under attack by the

Archery Aunts!

And barely survive the dreaded baby dragon

(his smell, anyway).

With lessons learned and new friends made,

the young witch finds

her way back to

Six Druid Lane.

Until . . . 

When their wild and free ancestral lands are threatened, three ancient ghosts need one of their clan from the living world. They call the Thistle heir from across the sea to the old country.

2014 Moonbeam Medal Award

for Preteen Fiction

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